Thursday, 15 June 2017

Leo the the rescue!

The lockkeeper for the next few locks was on rest day so out came the winders. Hmmmm. I am a veteran of at least a couple of thousand locks but, without the assistance of the delightful  young man from the cottage, we would probably still be there. The mechanisms were so stiff I really struggled. Turns out there was a 'way of working'  on one that  he was familiar with and I stood no chance of happening across but we were both needed on the gates and all the paddless were a nightmare.,

I hit the phone. Leo, lockeeper for the stretch near Tullamore came to the rescue and took us into Tullamore yesterday and up to the summit today. Now we have a long lock free stretch to look forward to. No more locks until tomorrow then!!

Traffic! Unexpected traffic!

Our headlamp in the danger zone.