Friday, 16 June 2017

Message in a bottle

We moored at Dangean yesterday. There was water but, in our entire and substantial, connection collection, there wasn't one that would fit on the tap. Our large funnel has been utilised for fuel. Help was at hand. A,large plastic Coke bottle was trapped at the side of the boat. We fished it out, to find it was no ordinary Coke bottle. There was a message in it,

We have no idea how far it has travelled. I tried my best to contact Justin and Jammie Murphy and Peter Galvin whose bottle it was but I couldn't quite decipher the phone number. I texted a selection of likelies and even appealed to Today FM. No reply yet.

I hope word reaches the boys and they can see this post. The bottle converted into a funnel...which we shall continue to use.

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