Saturday, 1 June 2013

Flaming June?.. I do hope so

Boats began moving west yesterday, though they still couldn't get under at Islip but at least we were sure of making it east, or downstream for boating purists, to Wadenhoe. So, with the sun out, we made room in the mooring and off we went. We got 2 feet off the mooring and I saw, yes, LJ on the bank with that look on his face. He's obviously learnt some door opening trick. Where is LJ is now on the pre-departure checks. He was NOT in my good books. Alistair is a bit, or a lot, softer on him.

Wadenhoe is a picture postcard village and the pub has a fantastic reputation and is really dog friendly. We just had a beer yesterday but our friend Jay is coming over tonight and we're eating there. It will have a full LJ rating tomorrow.