Friday, 23 May 2014

It's all about Mr and Mrs Jason Isbell

I abandoned ship on Tuesday. Headed by train to Nottingham to see/hear Amanda Shires at The Maze with my friend Eileen - a fellow music lover and fan of  The Marvellous Mr Curtis Stigers. I only mention Mr S because from last summer on he was raving on and on about Southeastern, a new record from singer and songwriter Jason Isbell.

At the time, I confess, I had never heard of Jason Isbell but with the help of Google and YouTube ... I was there! Downloaded Southeastern in November when it was available in UK and joined the #spreadtheword  campaign.

I can honestly say for months and months, I went to sleep with a track from Southeastern playing in my head and woke up with a track playing in my head, most likely something different. I extended my collection to Live from Alabama and Here We Rest and ...  carried on spreading the word. With success as far away as New Zealand. Peter and Vicki getting to see them in Auckland before we did here.

Amanda Shires, is Mrs Isbell and as well as touring with Jason and his band, the 400 Unit, is a multi talented  musician and singer songwriter  herself. Down Fell the Doves and then Carrying Lightening quickly on the ipad.

Other fans of Mr S went down the same path. Collectively we were thrilled when tour dates for Ananda were announced.

Cup running over etc etc when days later same for Jason.

So this week I had THE most amazing time. Seeing Amanda and her base player Stephanie in Nottingham was just a delight. Then I scooted over to Manchester to meet up with Justine, fellow Stigers fan etc etc, and her husband Stuart  for what can only be described as a wild night of rock and roll.  (They saw Amanda in Shrewsbury on Monday)

Two very different styles of music. Amanda has the purest voice and entranced. Because The Maze is a small venue we were fortunate to spend a bit if time sitting and talking to her after the show and she was sweet and funny and very open with us.

Manchester just rocked.  By luck, Jason was outside as we arrived so were able to say hi and pass on Amanda's love as requested - though there is clearly no need for strangers to be doing that.

I was still buzzing yesterday.

I know they will be back, together or separately. So will I.

Now in the calm at Tyruched to collect mail and car. Back on QISMA tomorrow,

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