Friday, 16 May 2014

Peacocks or bust!

Back into Ely on Wednesday. This time to moor, do some shopping, be poised for the market yesterday and to have lunch at Peacocks!

I loved it but the menu must have changed, out of maybe 12 choices of sandwich, only 2 without cheese. And when they delivered Alistair's ham and pickle they had put cheese on it! I'm not sue I'll get him back anytime soon! 

Still, a drink at Cutters helped.

 And we did have our favourite mooring.

 And rather cute neighbours, hatched that morning.

Then back home!

 Over the fields to Ely Cathederal.

 Soon there will be more neighbours!

I know some will be wondering why we've taken a mooring when we could just continue to cruise. It is a big expense but we fell in love with the Fenland waterways and want to stay ... At least for a good while and we know the winters are likely to be tough. - well windy anyway! The chance of a mooring on the Old West in this beautiful spot was just too hard to resist. 

Good to know that a 90 day visitor licence for Cambridge is reduced to around £40/5 for QISMA. I think the take up was ver poor last year.