Friday, 30 May 2014

Just out of Reach

Does that remind you of a song title ... Something about two empty arms?? Must Google it. Onmthemothwr hand, we are moored just on the edge of Reach in Cambridgeshire.  We're at the end of navigation . Just enough room to turn QISMA and on 48 hour GOBA moorings. It does say that we should only moor here with advance permission from the Parish Council. None of the books or maps say this and there is no phone number. We're staying!!

Before we set off this morning NB MASIBERT and NB BAROLA came past on the way to Cambridge. They'd been to Burwell. Next stop for us.BAROLA is a past winner of Best in Show at Crick. We saw her on the Caldon not long afterwards.

The one feature on the 3 miles of Reach Lode

it's a port ... who knew that??

Our mooring

We ARE there!

And our view  we can only hear birdsong

The fantastic Dykes End pub ...  we'd been looking forward to visiting and it did not disappoint. Going back tomorrow.