Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Was that the sound of corks popping?

Since we left Newbury we've covered 326 miles. Been through 286 locks and sailed up the Bristol Channel. All to reach the waterway we fell in love with last year.  Although it is cause for celebration, instead of popping corks, we're toasting our arrival with some favourite red wine. The weather is a bit murky so. Ore of a blazing fire, red wine, sort of evening,

Photos of the Middle Levels too numerous to post. But here's a selection.

And the sandbank outside Salters Lode Lock

To say he had,some difficulty would be an understatement!  40 minutes,to get him in. Lock keeper was brilliant. Lisa from the boat says they were sent down an hour early so no wonder not enough water for them! They must have been frantically worried. 

 Where did that sandbank go?

And finally, some  326 miles and 285 locks later

Our first mooring