Friday, 2 May 2014

Now I can concentrate on Mr S!

Three hours and five minutes. One empty pound. No trips down the weed hatch and no rain. Not a bad run down the Northampton Arm Flight. Now we are safely on the River Nene and tucked into the Northampton Marina. EA territory.


The last two weeks since we left Bristol have been  whirl. We never dreamt we'd get this far.  The last section in the GU, despite the heavy locks, has been delightful. For me because, unlike the K&A, the gates are wide enough to walk across comfortably, the, safety bar is the right height and more importantly, it runs,for long enough to be useful when you get down.  The Worcester and Birmingham was an unexpected delight but the top paddles are the most difficult to wind that I've ever come across. The North Stratford starts off urban with the problems that bring and the  towpath well ......   just churned into mud for mile after mile by cyclists. It ends well with the charming  Lapworth Flight. 

Now we've got a short pause and a trip for me to Cheltenham Jazz Festival. On Tuesday we will start the Nene properly.