Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher

Luck was with us over the weekend. I let our friends Jay and Michael know we'd arrived and would soon have the car. Turned out they were going to be in  Cambridgeshire over the weekend. So came for lunch on Sunday - the first barbecued leg of lamb for 2014!  We hadn't seen them since their wedding last October.  They had tried to find us in Newbury as the passed through earlier this years but we were in Wales.

Jay had brought limes  so .......

 LJ just wanted to go swimming ..... Will one of you take me?

We saw a swan attack a rower in a small inflatable who got too near his nest - the eggs still not hatched. Pretty scary. 

Into Ely on Monday ready for me to hit the road on Tuesday. Concerts to go to people to see!! Michael, who is from US couldn't quite believe I was seeing Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell? Not bad for an old bird. 

Sadly, only saw Mum and Dad this time.

Early evening Monday we caught up with  Tweet and Bloggers  Fen moorers and owners of  Mr Perkins cat Caity and Colin from @Nb_narrowescape and shared a bottle of wine.  Glad they made it down in time from their boat blacking at Earith. Turns out, amongst other things, we are all in agreement Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher.