Thursday, 8 May 2014

PS Curtis Stigers was marvellous!

Back from Cheltenham and now for a slow cruise down the Nene. Well, perhaps not. The weather, whilst not dreadful, is not really suited to dawdling - unless your intention is to bimble on the Nene. We did that twice last year and learning from that, with heavy rain forecast, after a night at Weston Favell, we pushed on. We hadn't intended to make a full day of it but the wind wasn't too bad and you can never be sure what it's going to do so we went on to Thrapton knowing we would be able to make it under the bridge just past Islip Lock before we lost the headroom. We had a bit of an 'incident' there last May.

The bridge was fine, but  a fairlead 'pinged' off at the lock - my fault I foolish tied up on it before  QISMA was all alongside. The 26 tons was too much for it!

Then we grounded between the  lock and the  bridge. The term 'Islip Incident' with us for ever more!

Still, for almost the entire  day we had the  Nene to ourselves.

The boat graveyard as you leave Northampton

Then  you get a taste of what it's all about at Weston Favell. We ARE moored!

The weir at Lower Wellingborough

Upper Ringstead ..... Possilly our favourite

And these views are everywhere