Monday, 30 June 2014

French thoughts from home

Last holiday comments. Smooth journey back on Saturday. Night at Lil's and back to QISMA yesterday. Oscar the car was glad to see the back of LJ. Mind you he had silver service on his meals. Delivered to his hiding cave in the bedroom.

We've set off for a month out on the boat. Only 45 minutes today to the Lazy Otter so very little to report so a couple of things that amused me on the hols.

First, the young Frenchman from the market, with the most perfect Sheffield accent. Not a trace of French in his English.

I'm tempted to say only in France would you find a chain of shops entirely stocked with four varieties of tinned fish . Very posh shops at that. 

 and it's jam and preserves cousin

 My favourite market stall - Pk my favourite non food market stall

Rain threatened but didn't arrive

 And our Bois boat