Sunday, 1 June 2014

Life's Rich Pattern

Being honourable boaters, we moved from the 48 hr GOBA mooring at Reach today. Somewhat reluctantly it has to be said.

Now in Burwell. In brilliant sunshine. 3 narrowboats arranged ourselves on a mooring built for one, but no other boats in sight all day.

From the news I learn of the death of Lady Soames. The only surviving child of Winston Churchill. I can almost here a what? From whatever audience I might have. But, in past life, I was tasked  as liaison between Lady Soames and the US when the were to name one of their Arleigh Burke Class ships,  the USS WINSTON S CHURCHILL with Lady Soames as sponsor. She decided to give the ship a painting and I had to arrange for it's transport. I did by persuading a collegue from MOD, Cdr James Humpries, to carry it with him as cabin luggage on a duty trip to Washington. After persuading British Airways to allow him to do that.  I met Lady Soames twice and had countless conversations with her. This also allowed me to jump the visitor queue when the ship attended Navy Day in Portsmouth and I saw the picture in situ.

The ship is also the only ship in the US Navy to have a foreign navigator...a Lt from the RN. There is a reason for that and if you ply me with alcohol I might just tell you why!!

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