Saturday, 13 August 2016

A Black Art


Weather forecasting is, as we all know, a highly developed skill with millions spent on sophisticated equipment. Such a shame we can't have any faith in it. 

Our forecast was fine, sunny and very light winds. Fortunately...the wind part was right. But the rest was showers and misty. At 0930 we couldn't see across the Loch. 

At 0940 the promised sunshine arrived. Our cruise took us around 90 minutes with almost constant drizzle. Still ... the wind held off...I was inside....and it was...absolutely worth it. Our only company an empty yacht and two German holidaymakers (of a certain age) in a camper van who were about ready to leave. They arrived in Dover at the start of July and have covered the UK and Ireland. Heading to a ferry in Cork via the delights of the west coast. 

We are here,for the weekend.....bad weather forecast tomorrow.....this is where I came in!!