Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Room at the inn ...but not for us!

Every time we've mentioned Garrykennedy we've been told how pretty it is and how good Larkins is.
Well, Garrykennedy is very pretty. We will never know about Larkins.

We haven't tried to eat in a bar/pub since we came south. My policy is always to phone and check the dog in bar situation before we go to a new pub. We're aware that dog friendly pubs are few and far between here so we're delighted when I phone Larkins to be told it would be fine to take LJ into the bar. My last words were....and we can bring the dog? Again I was assured it was.

You are, no doubt, ahead of me. It was not fine. As we go in a young man immediately tells us no dogs allowed I said I'd phoned. He went for his boss. I didn't expect that to make a difference but was glad of the chance to 'identify a training need'! Our options were sit the rain...or, obviously under sufferance, in a room on our own shared with large, empty ice cream fridge.... shades of the dog friendly pub in Ripon here! Or, obviously, we could leave. Off we went.

The guides tell us how fantastic Larkins is. That people travel long distances to eat there. Luckily we were back on the boat within five minutes of being turned away.

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