Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Same....but different

In the new public Marina at .Ballyleague. Engineer on way to look at our poorly bow thruster. Wouldn't be moving anyway as weather is filthy now and worse to come. Watching hire cruisers leaving. Some heading up river

but some for the big lock. Madness.

Last night .. at 2115 two came towards us. One came in. The second turned and headed back out. Next mooring is hours away. There was one space left here. Knowing the forecast Alistair was so concerned he went to speak to the biat that came in. Fortunately they were together and able to phone and tell them there was room for them.  They moored at 2145. We had filthy night and today is worse.

More pleasantly Dutch Barge Samson came in yesterday. For sale at €155,000. We, correction, I, have been looking at her on Appollo Duck (boats for sale website) for months as she is something special. Knew our paths would cross sooner or later. They came alongside briefly and kindly gave us a tour. Built in 1924. Really stunning. Everyone says she is best barge on the river and we saw why.

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