Thursday, 11 August 2016

Believe aren't mooring there!

Getting ahead of the weather forecast..... Do I say again?..... Had us up and off aiming for the 1230 opening of Portumna Bridge.

Made it as planned...with time to get LJ off and despite a man overboard in Victoria Lock. Not from QISMA,!

Traffic is stopped for 15 minutes at set times each day. 6 times a day on the high season schedule.

We safely moored in Portumna Castle harbour. Busy and by 1600 full. A huge Emerald cruiser came in. But there just wasn't room. Then it tried to moor next to us...on a mooring at the mouth of the harbour. Totally oblivious to their doing so would prevent any other craft from getting in or out!!  We were in danger of getting a window smashed by one of their crew...recklessly wielding a boat hook. They left ....... with much muttering in Italian. 1645.... Two, equally large boats have left...heading for the 1730 bridge opening. Ah well!!

Moor early to avoid disappointment!!