Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Frustration knows no bounds!!

Google are no longer supporting my,photo system on the blog. A frustrating time trying to get their chosen...Google...system to work. I think I am,there!! 

So....Three blogs in one.

We left Ballyleague last Thursday. Bow thruster fixed. Huge thanks to Duncan. The weather was so filthy we would have been alongside anyway something's worked out well.

Got to look round Samson...did I do this already?

Off onto Loch Ree and to Portrunny. Loved it. Want to buy the abandoned pub and make it into a house. No question. Once we win the lottery. Will go back on our return trip.

Then, with a great day with us and a really bad forecast, we were off to a sheltered mooring at Casson.

Casson was busy... In comparison to almost everywhere else!! With a pub and a swing park and visiting ice cream van. It was popular but not intrusive. We had two new boaters arrive. One zoomed in a fast small run me,his friend who was launching a very sleek craft. Boater number 1 grounded and damaged his prop. Not bad enough to keep him alongside.

Sunday there were several long distance swimming events. The weather really wasn't kind to them. We had great view from inside ....with the log burner the on!!

Our Saturday boys returned.,things did not go well. They struggled to get the swish boat out of the water and onto the trailer. It might have helped if the 3 women and 1 man onboard had got off first!!

Sad to say... They go it out at a really bad angle with severe damage to his prop. Back in it went. The passengers disembarked.....with some difficulty.  Then finally onto the trailer. It could have been worse...he could have been locked in as the car locked at 2000!!

Monday, with no wind and sun, we moved the 200 yards to Quigley's for some fuel. By the time we did that....two minutes....we had wind and rain! Not too bad so we made the run round the corner and down river to Athlone. Great mooring. Great town. Particular mention for the wedding dress/outfit shops. Not that I am in the market for either but!!

An early start today. Into the lock as it opened for business. Lovely Lockie. Hoping we might reach Shannonbridge before the rain.!!