Sunday, 28 August 2016

Dromneer. Great mooring and a man to take my shopping order!

They love the boat and LJ here. We were still being asked what make of dog LJ was on his last walk round at 2300 yesterday! Current record.

We had great arrival in Dromneer. Coleman, who we met a couple of weeks ago and discovered Alistair had been in contact with him over charts, had his car here. He was just about to get in to go for supplies when he saw us coming in. He gave us a hand to moor and took my shopping order! A man with true boating instincts!!

Dromaneer is very popular. Good tea room, pub busy enough to tell us the food there must be worth a visit. Great Aqua Splash for kids and small pebble beach.

Also on the wedding photo route!  I am cheating the time I ran back got my phone bride and groom were getting back in the limo but the pic would have looked something like this!