Saturday, 13 August 2016

Any Portumna in a storm!

I would never call Portumna any port but it certainly was popular over the last coup,e of ads with bad weather on the Derg. Luckily...with help waving people in who were about to turn round and head back out into filthy weather and some shuffling every boat that tried to come in was squeezed into a berth. 

I saw the best but if mooring ... In fact parking if any description in my entire life. Big cruiser swept in, reversed and put himself between two other pretty big cruisers with an inch on either side. I think one fender was moved. Amazing and accomplished before I could get back to QISMA for the camera. 

These guys surprised us as they passed. Some engine trouble. Had great chat with the crew later. 

The moorings are a popular stopping off point before or after the bridge transit. A lot of work has been done here. Not quite finished ..the facilities block isn't open yet but not far off. 

The castle and grounds are just lovely. Forest walks.

What else? A Supervalue in the town...I love Supervalue...which will deliver if you phone. 10 min walk from the moorings and if they deliver you will miss the most excellent butcher.

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