Sunday, 1 September 2013

Good travelling companions

We'd travelled down from Cowroast to Berkhamsted with a classic boat, NB ARDEN with, for the purists, a Russell Newbury engine. They moved off about 90 minutes before us yesterday morning and we thought that was that. Not so. Some idiot had emptied two pounds between Berkhamsted and Hemel and there were delays of up to 3 hours. We waited for an hour, with ARDEN in the pound below us and once we had the green light, we travelled down to Hemel with them. We moored and the went on. 

Today we came up to NB NIGHTJAR as we both left Sainsbury's at Apsley. I was only topping up on what Waitrose couldn't provide yesterday. What a brilliant crew. So good, instead of stopping at Watford, we pressed on with them so a total of 19 locks and 10 miles complete today. A long, long time since QISMA did 7 hours cruising and 19 locks. Alistair is just telling me our lock speed is 3.93 mph and the speed between was 1.37. With all the  locks against us except one .......