Sunday, 22 September 2013

Nice people but bad neighbours

Our peace and quiet last night disturbed by neighbours. They had been working on the boat up at the service point all afternoon. We'd been over with rubbish and it's fair to say, their two dogs did not take to LJ. Sadly, about 1800' they came down and, not without some drama and assistance, moored in front of us. Then they let the dogs off and made not the slightest effort to control them from that point until we left this morning. I couldn't count the number of times they were on our well deck. Every time they apologised and got them off and five minutes later back they came.

We were moving on anyway!

And on we came to Woolhampton. Not the best place to get through as, within 100 yards, you've got an electric swing bridge, a section of water where the river joins and has a strong current and a lock. Some of you will know it well. Both times we've done it there has been a strong stream. Today there wasn't. It's still tricky if you're going downstream as the angle to the bridge is awkward. The  instruction on the lock is quite clear

 But not one of the six hire boats that went came down whilst we were at the pub for lunch paid any attention and were lucky the flow wasn't strong. All of them started to open the bridge after the boats had left the lock. All had a second boat hot on their tail. Just stupid.

We're moored just beyond the lock and had a quick outing to The Row Barge. Part of a small but very good chain of pubs.  Speaking of which. I've just been able to breathe a huge sigh of relief. NB EPIPHANY had taken my recommendation for The Bridge at Branston. An Italian family own it and their pizzas are just excellent. I don't know what they ate but I know it got top marks. phew!

Lovely, lovely walk with LJ for me round the lakes.