Monday, 16 September 2013

It's 5 in the morning and ........

SOMEONE IS RUNNING AN ENGINE OR PUMP! So there you are, moored in this tranquil and idyllic spot. Only moorings for three or four boats. Once moored you can't tell if any other boats are moored further down the path. Last we knew we didn't have company - but at 0500 I learnt that we did! The sound of engine/pump/heating on. I know there are some early risers out there, not us obviously but ....... Sure enough, when I walked LJ, we had company.

 Cliveden Deep
 mooring made for one!
 Worth climbing up for these views

We've come onto Marlow now. The £11 overnight moorings are all full. We're 20 yards beyond on what was an empty and free 24 hour mooring - go figure!