Sunday, 29 September 2013

Is that Jan's boat?

A day off yesterday at Great Bedwyn. To be honest, the Cross Keys was OK but nothing special. Last time we were there we hadn't discovered the Red House and ......

Back to yesterday. I caught the bus into Marlborough. I do love Marlborough. A quintessential English market town.

Our neighbour for the weekend. Not sure I have seen quite so much on the roof of a boat that moves.

 Doesn't really do justice to an Autumn evening on the canal

LJ on a lovely non towpath walk. I never tire of taking his photo!

A rare visitor to the tow path on the way back to Hungerford today.

Young James who gave the best assistance at the dreaded Hungerford Marsh Lock and a trip on QISMA as a reward. His Dad had said they weren't staying to help with the lock but ...... A future sailor?

And whilst James and I were busy a couple arrived at the lock and asked Alistair if this was 'Jan's boat' yeah! A Tweet follower and wife who are hoping to be living onboard a boat next year.  So nice to meet them and as they live just 10 minutes from our winter mooring we hope to see them again for a 'proper' boaters chat.

It's a hard day the Hungerford to Great Bedwyn trip - or back. Today every local against us and some strange happenings - winders left up everywhere and only one lock with a sign asking you to do that. BUT, it's also a lovely trip and with brilliant sunshine all day today I'm saying it was worth it.