Thursday, 26 September 2013

How much did I say that glass of wine cost?

Yes I did say £8.50. Not a typo.

I cheated a bit/lot on precious blog but I had a bunch of not related snap I wanted to share. I think it IS allowed every now and then?

QISMA is now in Hungerford. This is a bit of a pub diary as Hungerford for us means lunch at The Plume of Feathers. I know there are other nice and even dog friendly pubs here but the Plume won us over the first time we went in and we haven't felt the need to look elsewhere for our victuals and pints.Have  I got that the wrong way round?

I'm a bit slow today. Had an email from Tom and Jan on NB Wairou to say they'd found the spot for their winter mooring. I just didn't connect it to my last blog!! Duh! In my defence, I know when they and their problems over the build of their lovely boat they were stuck at Aldermarston for something like 18 months so I doubt they'll ever appear on the K&A again!

I haven't run out of photos but these are taken today. First two from LJ's walk this afternoon. No comment on three, except to say I'm going to stop now and as for four, well I can't resist him.