Friday, 6 September 2013

Happy at Hampton

Despite the rain!  I sympathise with this chap today. I spent the morning trying to resolve the photo problem in blogspot. Slow, slow going and not quite finished. I've had to reload each blog but am working on the theory that no-one is actually looking at the old stuff. Still it's been good to look back though I'm glad we only started this blog in May!

We do like Hampton. Had amazing pizzas from Square Olive last night. We've declared a bit of a holiday as we at at The Canbury in Kingston on Wednesday night and that was well worth the short walk through the town. A top pub with the nicest team.

We moved in the rain, heroes that we are, to let hotel boat MAGNA CARTA, moor. There was not enough space for her anywhere and as some boats had moved off  from the far end of the mooring we are a) in a better position and b) up by a bottle of claret which the crew brought down to say thank you.

The sun finally came out and LJ got a decent walk. Like Windsor, the trees here are home to some exotic species