Tuesday, 10 September 2013

You don't see this very often ......

It's a first for us. We'd just settled into our mooring at Runneymede, fire lit and Alistair had the fishing rod out. We do like this mooring it's the first/last depending on your direction of travel and nicely tucked away. Trees screen you from the road and cut out the traffic noise. You are in the flight path for Heathrow but we don't mind.  Any road, we were nicely settled down when along came

House moving with a difference 

I'm sure it was moored near Datchet when we came down in the Spring. Wonder where she's off to?

Today we've travelled an amazing 6.2 miles. Stopping in Staines for  a quick top up trip to Waitrose. We managed to fill in the gap that coincided with the lock keepers lunch. I KNOW - how lazy is that. But The only single locks I have worked this year has been the Northampton flight of single Everything else has been double and with the K&A ahead I think I deserve a brief respite. 

We're back outside the M25. Good to be on the 'right' side of that! Before anyone shouts, I lived in London and worked in London so I am not knocking it. We loved our trip through in April but,times change and I can't imagine it being home again.

On our travels we came across the boat that completely filled the lock yesterday. The interior looks fantastic. Hard to imagine the,room - or the mooring fees.

 And you see some lovely small boats as well

 Almost at our mooring. A dry day's boating.