Saturday, 21 September 2013

Saturday - who cares - en y va!

On this section of the K&A, it really doesn't matter if it's the weekend. There is so little traffic about you may just as well move and we wanted to get away from the Lycra Brigade using the tow path as a cycling racetrack.  We've already had an incident. Last night a cyclist went past. He had two dogs running ahead. One stuck it's nose in the well deck where LJ was lying. LJ didn't appreciate it and leapt off the boat, coliding with said cyclist. Both crashed to the ground. Fortunately, LJ was fine. Oh, so was the cyclist and his bike! No loss of temper either which was pretty amazing.

So, on we went. Through the first of the unlined locks and the start of a few swing bridges.  The plan was to stop at Theale but, it's another cycle path/towpath, so we went on for just a bit longer and onto a meadow mooring. Much, much better.