Monday, 23 September 2013

If only I'd placed that bet ........

We arrived in Newbury today. It will be our home for the winter but not just yet. We're off to Great Bedwyn where we will turn - not something we do very often when there is still canal or river ahead of us.

Derek and O'Neil were hard at work - actually doing some gardening on our mooring. Managed to have a word with Emma as we went past and are looking forward to seeing them at the end of next week.

 Now here is where I could have made my fortune. Last July, when we first came through Newbury, this boat was moored here. When we got back in November for the winter, it had moved - to the other bank where it stayed all winter. I said to Alistair yesterday that I'd bet my pension on it still begin there and .. Et voila ... here it is. It's been joined by a boat moored all winter two locks on. What is it with the K&A? and yes, I have abandoned my usual 'live and let live' attitude and asked the enforcement team that question.
 I calmed down briefly, just enough to take a couple of  shots of the narrows up to Newbury Lock.

Then it was moor up and get shopping!