Thursday, 12 September 2013

Royal Windsor - without the Royals

Back in Windsor by lunchtime. We were here for two weeks in April because the river was too high to travel so we got to know it quite well.

We didn't want to stay on 'our' mooring, though it was empty  - and even had the same neighbour who hasn't moved an inch!

Though there's a lot more foliage on the roof. Can't compete with this though

We went up for water and found the ideal spot on the island - away from the hundreds of visitors who want to feed swans and geese by the boat.

The first sight of the castle is always a bit special

 And a town view

We were off to the Long Walk very quickly. Closely followed by lunch at the Two Brothers.  The house next door to the pub is to let. A mere (cough) £3500 PCM.

Here for  just a couple of days, though the forecast isn't good.............