Friday, 20 September 2013

The Prius of the system

The K&A is an odd mix of canal and river and we found it took time to get used to when we were first went on in July 2012. When we came down in March we were the first boat off and it was running very fast. Today, we went through the Reading section in lovely sunshine. CRT have been out this month and cut back overhanging branches AND we had the most considerate single hander with us that I've met in 13 years of boating!

Now moored above Fobney Lock. With only two boats up after us today. I can't declare it as boating heaven because the Lycra Brigade are out in force. The tow path is in excellent nick so it's like a race track for cyclists.  I walked LJ this afternoon and had to warn a very elderly chap walking with two sticks that a boy racer was coming up behind him. He moved to one side, I moved to the side and Lycra man flew past without so much as a Thank You. My blood was boiling.  It's the total lack of manners that really gets to me.

Hmmm.  Calmed down now and it's a quiet end of the day. I've reassured Emma and Derek that we have arrived on the K&A

 Our own traffic light
 How continental!

The centre of Reading

And on to Fobney with an escort