Sunday, 15 June 2014

Busy doing nothing

And doing it in sunshine! No excuse for the lack of a blog. We 'did' Ely Market. Best buys were the plants to top up our pots and  the cherry scones.

Then after much discussion on where to go for the weekend we headed back to the Lodes. With the weather as great as it was we didn't have them quite to ourselves but you couldn't call it busy!!

 We changed our routine slightly to give LJ a,later walk in the afternoon. He was very worried about this on Day 1 ... Thought his dinner might be late. Once,he was sure there was no danger,of that,he seemed content. Devoted himself to his favourite hobby ... swimming.,the sun,comes out and really that is all he wants to do.

I'd say he was just a tad on the smelly side now but he's off for his haircut tomorrow so will be 'foo fooed'.

We've just arrived back at our mooring,on themOld West River. The boats going past, about one every 20 minutes, suddenly seem like heavy traffic. It actually feels as if we just got back from a holiday!!

The week ahead sees us head by road to Midhurst. My friend Lil and I are off to France next weekend. Alistair and LJ staying behind, from choice ..... well, on Alistair's part, to look after LJ's pal Max and Oscar the cat. There are superb walks, that include a swim,yards from the front door so no hardship.