Sunday, 22 June 2014

Thrifty pensioners

I know most of you aren't reading the blog to hear about my French hols so sorry. But that's it for the next week. Alistair is in Midhurst and I'm with Marion aka Lil in Bois Plage en Re. One,of our favourite spots on the planet.

When we booked the flight times were dreadful so we came vi Brittany's Ferries from Portsmouth to St Malo and then by 3 trains from St Malo to La Rochelle. With a taxi from,the is,and booked to collect us at La Rochelle station. Did it work? Like a dream. The trains so impressive on time, clean, comfortable and our driver waiting for us as we emerged from the station.

I am the world's worst sailor  but ferry crossing so calm I could walk about and eat!! And we had a view of what was our previous working lives? Happy days for me if not so for Marion.

The villa is a dream. If only etc etc. 28 steps,from my bed to the pool!!

We are,last night at the Hotel L'Ocean. When we first came to the island we used to stay there. We are a week later than we were last time. We, thriftily booked the last week of mid season rates. (Well we ARE pensioners). To our surprise,this meant all the markets were open and buzzing this morning. We can buy complete meals from a fabulous charcuterie. What could be better??  We are going,to try and restrict ourselves to one,loaf of bread each per day..... I'll let you know how that goes.