Thursday, 19 June 2014

It COULD have been worse.....

At least we managed to get off the M25 which is behind the boards.

 We didn't think we would put Greenflag to the test quite so soon in our acquaintance.and there would have been better ways to find out that I'd pressed the wrong button and we has Rescue Plus NOT Recovery Plus ... ouch said the wallet!

How did they do? Not good. 2 hours for the first mechanic to tell us alternator had gone.  Then 2+ hours for the recovery truck. The driver asks did they tell you what was going to happen you're recovering us to Midhurst. Well, yes but my hours are up, so not until we've added 90 minutes to the recovery by driving up the M49 to our depot to change drivers then driving back, stopping to fill up at Morrisons garage in High Wycombe not because it's on our route but because we have account there. So, 7 hours later than scheduled we arrive in Midhurst. Fortunately, there is a garage we've used before close to Marion's. She came out to swop our luggage into her car and we walked back through the woods to give LJ an outing.

He'd been a dream and actually got a couple of lovely walks in during the wait. We were next to Salisbury Hall, home of the de Haviland Museum... Known as the Mosquito Museum

A fox was strolling around like a domestic cat. Not phased by us at all.

LJ loved the truck. He was bill throughout the adventure!

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