Friday, 27 June 2014

Just a starfish on the beach ... NO!! In my head all day now

Yesterday ... Just a fab day. Early news was that LJ who had a funny turn on Wednesday seems recovered with no adverse effect. Our flight was showing on the system and then there was even better news... The strike was cancelled.

We began the day early, with a wander round the market at Bois. No surprise to those who know me that there was a bit of a shoe frenzy .. At €10 a pair .... Silly not to. There would have been regrets later. As it is ... Je ne regret  etc etc

It had been cloudy, though without the rain or thunderstorms that had been forecast.mLate afternoon the sun came out and we wandered on our bikes through the old section of town and down to the beach. We love it down there at that time of day. 

Every time I come here I say ... One day I'll come for a month. Plus ca change!