Wednesday, 11 June 2014

We're getting the hang of this!

On our way to Ely for market day tomorrow. We've spent the last 10 days bimbling along. We left Cambridge on Friday, no wait it was Saturday, and went onto GOBA moorings at Waterbeach. From there it was 3 miles to the EA moorings on the Cam just before the turn for Reach Lode. A long trip,today... 2 hours to Ely. Stopping at the marina for mail, fuel and all oter necessities. Out again now until Sunday.

Ely is busier than we have seen it this year. We were lucky and and a  boat  left as we were on our second sweep so we are in our favourite spot. I should correct myself and say we  were very lucky.

The plan is to eat at The Cutter tonight. We can watch the outside table situation without having,to move so much as a muscle.

LJ is greatly relieved that the lack of chews situation is now resolved. We never actually ran out, but only had left chews he had already turned his nose up at. Funny old thing, there are less of them now than there were!!

Despite the fantastic walks we've had these last 10 days LJ is never happier than playing in the Cathedral  grounds here. Except when he's swimming that is!!