Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Just a bit flat

The car battery not us!

Car wouldn't start on Sunday. Charged the battery and it worked. I didn't think we had a good enough run though so Monday, when LJ booked in for a haircut, I suggested going over and checking it. Seemed that not necessary ..... I know you are all ahead of me at this point! After briefest charge we made it to the groomers but when we got back in .........  the owner of the kennels were the heros of the hour and got out the jump leads. Off into Ely for new battery.

Still, it did let us discover that, after 10 or so years of rolling over on our breakdown with Brittania Rescue for some reason, this February, it didn't and we no longer had cover. One of those things when the mail goes elsewhere and we only collect it or have a mail drop when we are expecting something vital. Something can slip by. Any road up, we are now covered with Green Flag at 50% less for the same cover so no harm done.

Then there was my haircut, a Drs,appointment,firmAlistairmbecausemwe've registered,in Ely,so had, to discuss his meds. Fortunately he was,impressed by the medic...phew

Today we will be 'OTB' off the boat. Heading to Midhurst where Alistair will take up dog/cat sitting duties whilst I abandon them for a trip to the Il de Re with my friend Marion aka known as Auntie Lil. The trip is part of her 60th birthday year of celebrations. I know Max will be excited and there will be a fair bit of this,going on

And now it's just started to rain which will be great,for,loading the car and we'll have a wet dog in here for hours! Hey Ho.