Sunday, 8 June 2014

In praise of the Great Ouse Boating Association

For anyone thinking of visiting the Fens I must recommend that before heading this way, you join the Great Ouse Boating Association (GOBA). It will be £20 well spent as it gives you access to 24 rural 48 hr moorings.

The link is here:

Wicken Fen and Reach are both GOBA moorings as is our weekend spot. 

NB WILLOW moored later. They were escaping the Strawberry Fair which was almost surrounding their Cambridge mooring on Midsummer Common. Nice to meet  a fellow Tweeter.

You can see why the fair might be a tad intrusive! Hippies to the right of you and hippies to the left ... Not that there is anything wrong with that. Loads of people recapturing their lost youth and lots of younger people getting a taste of what it was like. I can imagine the conversations ...Mum did you really .....