Monday, 2 June 2014

Wild horses and Wickham Fen

Everyone on the a Fens talks about Wickham. Today we arrived. 

There is room for 3 boats on GOBA moorings at the end of navigation. We stayed off over the weekend and it worked. We have it to ourselves. Us and the birds and horses and some walkers. Tonight will be heaven. 

It's all National Trust land. There is a visitors centre selling essentials such as books, scarves, pottery, rugs, cake, plants etc etc. we only bought some of that selection! 

60 polish Konik horse were introduced from Holland in 2005. It didn't take long before we came across them. We saw at least 60 in two herds today. 

The trip boat kindly moved over to let us pass. We let it overtake on their return trip. 

And, of course, our mooring.