Friday, 6 June 2014


We came in to Cambridge yesterday, Thursday. We are aupposed to have a licence from the Cam Conseratory but our book says the office is at Baits Bite Lock and there IS an office at the lock but it has closed down - not that there is anything there to indicate that. The office moved some time ago. We have arranged to stop on the way back.

Arriving here is a low key sort of thing.  You don't see much of the beauty of Cambridge. arriving by river.

We were lucky and got the last mooring by Jesus Lock and took ourselves off  into the city. Just a short walk across Jesus Green. It is all...  delightful. We have loved it. All 3 of us.

Our licence will allow us to visit for a total of 90 days in 12 months so we will most certainly be back and back again. It's a very easy cruise from our mooring. It's going to be a great place to go Christmas shopping.

It looks as if there are some posh 'do's' tonight at the end of the university year.

As you'd imagine, cycles everywhere,  but hardly a helmet in sight. Strange with all those brains to protect!

A wide variety of rowing clubhouses. I always like the traditional variety

 And it's not all sweetness and light between rowers and other boat owners

 Our mooring

The city

 And, of course, LJ!