Tuesday, 29 April 2014

And almost before we knew it ... The Grand Union

The Skipper tells me my impression of the North Stratford canal is wrong and it isn't as bad as ... say ... the Staffs and Worcs ... so there you are!

Anyroad up ... once you hit, so to speak, the Lapworth Flight, it's a different story .. especially with the sun out and Howard Shaw, the Tuesday Volunteer Lock Keeper, to help us down half of it.

And after 20 locks and 3 swing bridges we are happily moored on the Grand Union, the canal that will lead us, in a couple of weeks or so, to the River Nene.

'Just' the Hatton Flight then .... Oh, and lunch tomorrow at the fantastic and dog friendly Durham Ox ... a highlight of any trip along this stretch.  Correcting my last, the weather forecast is on and the Durham Ox is at risk!! Correcting my last ... We're not stopping! Hey Ho.

We moored on the Grand Union. The wine was opened in seconds but before we could take so much as a sip a hire boat went aground. We tried to ignore it but ... So we threw him arope and pulled  them round.  Boating tapestry.