Thursday, 17 April 2014

Our Severn Estuary adventure - preview

Tomorrow we will move down from the Floating Dock in Bristol to Portishead to be ready for an 0700 departure on Saturday morning. The tides don't allow for you to make the cruise in one outing. Only two boats booked in to the lock at Portishead  on Saturday - I wonder where the other boat is going? The world is  quite possibly their's to enjoy. Our trip to Sharpness is enough of an adventure for me.

Jane, from NB ALNWICK has sent me a fantastic photo of their boat approaching one of the two bridges over the Severn.  These conditions would be ideal but ... Sadly ... Are NOT forecast.  They ARE for Friday but the Good Friday demand to  go sailing means the lock is too busy to take us. Also, Friday would be tough for our guest cruiser. Our friends and so often, saviours, John and Jane are coming down in their Motorhome. John is cruising. Jane is taking LJ for company!

So, thanks to Jane, I can provide a taste of things to come. This is the older of the two Severn Bridges.