Saturday, 26 April 2014

The bad news is ... the pound is almost empty

The good news is that CRT are at the lock and on the case. We had to pull over, having travelled all of half a mile, and be patient. This unnatural state of affairs was helped along by an unscheduled bacon and egg wrap.

Our theory, the CRT theory and your theory on how this happened are, in all probability, very similar!

It took about an hour for us to be able,to move off. With the nice chaps from CRT setting the flight for us. Again, we've only seen hire boats on the move today and only 3 of them.  A clue here as to how the paddles that emptied the pound got left open!

We passed a beautiful boat, the name of which I don't have as the side doors were open and I could only read, Tai.     . I did learn that the owner is a blog reader.... Not just ours obviously. So if you're reding this...hello and I am sure your boat is much admired.

Heavy showers for the last 20 minutes but we're moored just where we wanted to be and this is the view from the side hatch.