Friday, 11 April 2014

Such a shame about Great Bedwyn

We've been out for a week tomorrow. Does that mean I'm allowed a bit,of a rant?

We set off from Hungerford about 1200. Not our usual late getting up, but waiting for some of Alistair's meds to arrive at the chemist.  The sun came out as we left and stayed with us for the 14 locks and one swing bridge up to Crofton.  A hire boat sort of day!

The house at Cobbler's Lock looks worse than ever. One day I'm sure we will hear that it's fallen down. Such a shame.

Great First Western accompany you on your journey to the summit never far away. Some places VERY close 
I always want to get a photo on the closest section but never quite do it!  Fortunately, there are only about 4 trains an hour.
I do love the colours on this.

I was poised as we came towards Great Bedwyn. Had there been any improvement on the mooring situation since we were there in October. Well .......

This boat HAD moved, from,the bank, about 50' feet to the 48 hour visitor moorings. Along with others ...  and above the lock. It seems the K&A commune is moving East.  Only one space on the VM. Surrounded by a mass of rubbish, furniture and dog poo everywhere. We weren't tempted.  Great Bedwyn is a lovely small village. It is beyond belief that boaters are allowed to turn it into a hovel.  End of rant. 

Speaking,of the lock, a delight to see the wonderful team from Bruce's Trust were out en masse on a training day, took over and sent me on my way. Joy.

And here we are. The summit tomorrow.

But for now, and very well deserved!