Monday, 14 April 2014

Caen Hill Flight 1 QISMA 27 ..... 1 void

We ignored our own best advice and arrived in Devizes at lunchtime. A quick trip to M&Sfor something   Scrummy for lunch before we hit the flight - so to speak. We arrived at the top lock and it was against us. And,there, Dear Reader, the story sort of ends. With the exception of one lock which you have to leave empty, the rest of the flight was with us with all the other traffic heading up. Absolutely amazing.

It is still hard work though and no volunteer,lock keepers to assist this trip but the sun was out and there were plenty of gongoozelers to offer some assistance. Three youngster adding a windlass to their Christmas lists so they can do more! As usual we got into a  rhythm  - with the Captain making good use of downtime to get the Sunday roast on the go.

Still five hours.  

For this who like to breast up on a flight, this now not allowed on Caen Hill. It wasn't an option for us anyway.

We were just at the bottom of the main flight when a blog reader came back to say hello. We were past there boat so I don't have the name but it was lovely to chat. If you're reading it today you will spot your boat mooring up!

LJ made it to about 23 when I relented and let him back onboard.

Last lock ahead

Quiet and calm at the start of today as we head to Bradford on Avon

 Where Alistair found the Sweetie Barge impossible to resist

Our favourite pie pub on the entire network is 'temporarily' closed ... Oh no!!!!