Wednesday, 16 April 2014

In Horace Batchelor country

OK, the title is,for those of a certain age who grew up with Radio Luxembourg. Horace Bachelor, whose company supposedly had the a system to help you win the football pools, sponsored the Top 20 on a Sunday evening and was based in Keynsham Bristol. 

As were in river conditions, LJ is sporting his DB life jacket. 

We said goodbye to the K&A and, to be completely honest, hope not to trouble it again for many a long year, if ever! I would say never but ..........  We might be back on Sunday if conditions don't allow us up to Sharpness! 

The bluebells were tucked away at Netham Lock, where we stop to pay for our stay in Bristol. 

It's two years since we were in Bristol, we loved it then and so dar no reason to change our opinion. You really, really, get the feel,that it welcomes boaters - of all shapes and sizes.  

This bridge is a bit of a close call. Several bits of roof  'architecture'  have been removed - just in the nick of time! 

One of the highlights of this large floating harbour is the SS Great Britain


And there is always something to entertain 

Tomorrow we have a day off!! Though there will be a fair bit of organising. On Friday morning we move down to Portishead  ready, we hope, for our adventure on Saturday.