Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Oh no ... Down the weed hatch you go ...... again!

The day started badly. An Alvechurch hire boat with stag party on went by our mooring at warp factor ...how high does the scale go to? Hard,to imagine that the boat could have gone any faster. Completely ignored Alistair's request to slow down.  So cross I rang Alvechurch. They were fab and their intention was to phone and speak to them. That should at least be something of a surprise. Birmingham ... they are  headed your way!!

So, off we set off and made the turn onto the northern section of the Stratford Canal.  Painfully slow going. So shallow we are scraping along the bottom at times. 3 trips down the weed hatch in the first 30 minutes alone.  One as we came out of the tunnel. As you'd expect, another boat coming round the bend towards us. Me with half washed hair waving a warning. I did slap a towel on but .... At least I was able to wave the blue plastic at them once we got underway so they understood why!

Weed hatch requirements meant LJ confined indoors and he was not a happy chap. He does love his, perch near the tiller.

Fiona has mentioned that it's part of boating's rich tapestry. Hmmm ... I knew there was a reason I don't like sewing. 

Through one of  the disused locks

 And how pretty is this
 But not this

Or this

I'm pleased I went for the boot option this morning

 QISMA cruising
 And hard to resist