Friday, 25 April 2014

Skinny Locks ...... I think I'll get used to them!

Up onto the Worcester and Birmingham Canal this morning. We are now on a  canal that joins other canals and you can get to places without ........well a palaver!!

To the cyclist in the bright yellow waterproof who worked the second lock for me and stayed to open the gate but left before we could say thanks .. You are a true hero!

Quickly through and onto our first skinny lock. My goodness it felt strange. Alistair thinks I should  be able to step across - it is simply NOT going to happen. We did the Northampton flight twice last year (14 x 2). Apart from that the last skinny was on the Oxford in July 2012!  Before I reached my 60s!!!!

Very, very quiet. No boats until this evening when there was a bit of a hire boat shuffle but only 5 boats all day.

Our last river mooring.... Until the Nene

Worcester Cathederal - a view of this from the cricket ground was on the front of our map book when I was a child.

Alistair .. We're over here!

 He found us!

Our first skinny ... It seemed very narrow  on the far side!

And a better aspect from lock 2

The view ahead tonight

And our start tomorrow

 And from the side hatch