Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sadly, the patient needs surgery

A nice easy passage up onto the summit this morning and we caught up a boat at the first lock so kept on going down through Pewsey and on to All Cannings where we got the last space and tied up just two. Instead before a hire boat came along from t'other direction. Luck thankfully was with us. The boat we travelled with was heading to Pewsey after spending the winter on a 'free' mooring at Great Bedwyn. They enjoyed it so much, with water, rubbish and elsen on hand that they are planning to go back next year for more of the same. Good lock workers though!

As we went up from Crofton we saw overstayers 2. One boat, a fairly new wide beam, has almost a market garden on the roof. It's in the same spot between two locks that it was when we first went up the flight - that'd be in July 2013. To be honest, with the exception of here and Wooton Rivers, from Great Bedwyn on it's the same story. I'm told it's the K&A disease hmmmm  .It may seem like a virus but I'd say that the patient is in need of drastic surgery. Soon there will be nowhere for visitors to moor between Hungerford and ....... Your guess is as good as mine.

The lamp on display as we head for the tunnel

Which, fortunately, is not too challenging

 And the pound at the far side of Pewsey is rather fen like .... And lock free

 One of those individual paint jobbies

And we end the day in the Vale of the White Horse.

Last time we passed this way I was running around fetching and toing and froing with the car so this is my first cruise between Pewsey and Devizes.