Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sorry Bath ... We're on a mission

We set off from Bradford on Avon EFU ... Early For Us in lovely sunshine. Somewhere on this pic is a small fawn, not the least bit worried about tow path traffic on the opposite bank.

The views on the way to Bath are pretty fantastic. Slow moving behind one hire boat but later in the day it would have been a convoy.

 And If there is a better city to arrive in by boat QISMA has yet to go there.

BUT, with the sun out and having spent a fair bit of time,here only two years ago, not to mention the Easter holiday tourists we decided to carry on. So it's the river for us and very happy to be on it.

And to end the day on one of our favourite moorings at Avon Country Park. A boatful of teenagers kindly moved off the mooring to let us come alongside.

Once the visitors had gone LJ started to play up. Over excited. hmm he didn't know whT was ahead.

 But he knew I was cross,so took himself off to the engine room.

 So missed these brave women!

And then, and then, LJ's worst nightmare came true and he realised we were on our way to Bristol. Balloon capital of UK. He tried to run away but fortunately a gate stopped him. He retired trembling and shaking to the bedroom. I hope he didn't think it was my revenge.

 QISMA, LJ and steam train ....