Friday, 4 April 2014

Turn right or turn left ... You chose, no you chose

Against all odds, both sections of K&A from Newbury opened today - with caveats. Only the Oracle  at Reading has a recommendation NOT to travel. This is the last mile of our route if we head for the Thames. We wouldn't be there until next weekend so it should have improved. The risks to navigation are greater if we turn right as we'd have the Severn Estuary, River Severn and River Avon ahead. The Severn and the Avon have both delayed us on precious trips. Also, one of the locks between Bath and Bristol has restricted opening and there is always a risk if the work doesn't go well it will,close for repair.

Tomorrow we will move up,to Newbury. I'll take the car to Wales and come back by train on Monday.    We can turn at Newbury so the decision making is on hold!